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Product Usage

Our program is only sold by employees of Service Promotions Company. We do not lease, consign, or transfer this program to any other companies for the purpose of resale with the exception to 501(c)(3) organizations who use the program solely for fund-raising purposes.

However, other than offering the program only door to door, we maximize your exposure by offering your promotion as a Premium, and or Gift. By utilizing the premium and gift strategy we can increse your exposure to a higher net-worth community. These strategies also allow your promotion to be offered in multiple markets for.



Many of our clients sell high ticket items to the general public. To entice their potential customers to view a presentation our clients offer a choice of oil change discount cards to the variety of automotive repair and tire centers in their area who participate in our free advertising method.




The remaining majority of our clients desire to gain referrals and repeat business by using products that have a higher perceived value than the retail spending limit placed by federal gift regulations.




This category contains the smallest percentage of use for the oil change special discount cards. However, this use produces the most loyal and appreciative consumers. Most fund-raising programs are used to help community based organizations. The customers who purchase the program as a fund-raiser view the automotive repair company as a community minded company.