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Service Promotions Company provides this advertising solution at no cost or participaticipation fee. Also, Service Promotions Company pays for all the printing and distribution costs.


Below is a sample of the proram you are invited to participate in. Although other national automotive repair and tire companies utilize our services, all of our oil change special discount cards are individually branded and may only be used with the branded company.

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Associated Costs

The costs are nominal as the program is printed and distributed at no charge.. The "Free" oil change printed on the card states that the customer is responsible to pay for their oil filter. The companies that experience the most success with the program collect between $5.99 and $7.99 total cost per oil change after tax, shop, and disposal fees. However, most clients report an average of $25 per ticket as the customers purchase additional services and repairs.


The remainder of the services generally only have labor associated with the service and are generally free services that most automotive repair centers already offer in the form of coupons and sign board specials as loss leaders.